American Test Center performs a thorough test and inspection of your overhead and gantry cranes.  Properly maintained overhead cranes, through a test and inspection program, are essential to the safe and economical operation of your plant. Operators and their co-workers rely on these units performing structurally, mechanically, and functionally. An overhead crane that fails could result in injury to your employees or costly downtime.

Your overhead cranes may have been designed initially with adequate safety factors, however, overloads, fatigue or lack of maintenance can cause problems to develop. A thorough, regularly scheduled inspection and test program can identify potential problems before they cause injuries or downtime. Furthermore, early discovered defects are less expensive to repair than if they are left to develop into major defects.

American Test Center’s tests and inspections are performed at your site by an experienced and thoroughly trained technician. Our technicians are supported by a staff of degreed engineers, Level III technicians and equipment specialists.

American Test Center performs the following tests and inspections:


A. Visual Inspection: A complete inspection of:  

Bridge: bridge structure, welds, truck wheels, axle bearings, truck pinions, truck gears, truck pinion shaft bearings & seals, cross shaft, cross shaft bearings motor pinion, motor gear, motor gear case bearings and seals, couplings, crane alignment, bolts/rivets, end trucks, gear & coupling guards, platform, stops, railings, cage, ladders & stairways, rails, bridge brake and mechanical rail sweeps.

Trolley: structure & welds, track wheels, axle bearings, track gear, gear case, bearings/seals, couplings, load brake pawls/up limit travel.

Main Hoist & Auxiliary Hoist: bottom block, upper block, rope drum, drum shaft, drum gear, drum pinion, intermediate gear, intermediate pinion motor gear, motor pinion, gear case gears/seals, couplings, load brake wheel/discs, load brake ratchet, load brake pawls/up limit travel.

Wire Ropes: deterioration, stretch, wear and broken wires.

* The visual inspection includes removal of inspection covers where possible to do a thorough job.

* Access to equipment must be provided, 

B. Magnetic Particle Inspection: All critical welds, plates and castings of items listed in Part A during the visual inspection. Magnetic particle is used to identify surface cracks on ferrous material.

C. Dye Penetrant Inspection: All critical welds, plates and castings made of non-ferrous material and any area requiring verification in Part B. Dye penetrant is used to identify surface cracks and works on any structural surface.

II. FUNCTIONAL and OPERATIONAL TEST A functional and operational test is performed to check the operation of controls, bearings, bushings, pins, gears, shafts, air/hydraulic/mechanical components, and overall operating condition.

III. LOAD TESTS Load tests are performed as required to meet OSHA/ASME/ANSI requirements or per your specifications.

IV. REPORT and CERTIFICATION Test defects are listed on American Test Center test report forms and described in detail on a comments sheet. Defects are classified for degree of severity. After the test, American Test Center personnel will review the report with the company representative. A signed, dated copy of the test report listing the defects discussed is left with the representative. American Test Center encourages your representative to have all the appropriate people available after the test to review the test results and to ask questions. At your office, reports are reviewed by American Test Center’s degreed engineers. American Test Center retains a copy of the test report on file.

V. LOCATION and SCHEDULING American Test Center schedules tests with each customer to best meet their individual requirements throughout the year. American Test Center has crews located throughout the United States and performs the tests at your site. American Test Center requests that equipment be properly cleaned prior to testing to assure a thorough test.

American Test Center is flexible and will work with you to meet special needs.