American Test Center tests thousands of aerial devices throughout the United States each year with test crews located in regional areas. Our primary business is annual test and inspection program on all types of mobile aerial equipment and cranes. We are an independent test company and are not affiliated with a manufacturer or dealer.

American Test Center began operation in 1950 as a R&D test department for American Hoist and Derrick and provided OSHA/SAE certification on a wide range of American Hoist equipment including hydraulic or lattice boom cranes ranging from 5 tons to 2000 tons, truck chassis, sweepers, and compaction equipment. In recent years contracts were obtained with outside companies to provide R&D prototype stress analysis tests on a variety of equipment including aerial bucket and digger derricks, hydraulic/electric platforms, material handling cranes, ladders, and military prototype equipment.

In 1979 we developed test procedures and equipment to perform annual test and inspection programs on industrial equipment such as aerial devices, digger derricks, mobile cranes, overhead cranes and excavators. The ANSI codes provided the guidelines and criteria for a test program and this was combined with our extensive background on test methods and procedures. Contracts were obtained with utility and independent power companies to provide annual testing services.

American Test Center’s personnel consists of degreed engineers, Level III technicians, and certified inspectors for all NDT functions including visual, magnetic particle, dye penetrant, ultrasound, acoustic emission, and dielectric testing. American Test Center Technicians are NDT certified as required and we extensively train our technicians to insure a thorough and professional service. Our people will be cooperative, courteous and will provide the best service available.

American Test Center has a quality assurance program to keep our services up to the standards established by industry and company policy. The quality program includes reviewing test reports by our in-house staff for compliance to standards. The field crews are provided regular training and updated information on test procedures for all types of equipment. Customers are contacted after the test to obtain their impression of the test crews and company as a whole. Random follow-up inspections are performed by a second crew to review the original test and crew.

With 40 years of inspection experience, our technicians are trained to perform quality examinations.

With 40 years of inspection experience, our technicians are trained to perform quality examinations.